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There’s really no other way to describe it.  We challenge you to find a learning platform with a broader set of capabilities.  Don’t need some features right now?  Turn them off and the admin interface updates in real-time, simplifying your workflow.  Turn them on at any time as your business needs evolve.

Learning Management

A featured-packed learning management system is at the core of Uncanny LP. Easily create courses, deliver quizzes, award certificates, and download reports.

Loads of Content Formats

Text, images, tables, video, audio, quizzes, Captivate, Storyline, iSpring—deliver learning the way YOU want.

Interactive Content Authoring

Using the built-in H5P content builder, create drag and drop, drag the words, fill in the blanks, find the hotspot, interactive video, chart, timeline interactions and much more.

Intelligent Group Management

Assign users to groups and manage course access centrally.  Assign group administrators to set group credits, grade assignments and view group reports.  Drip lessons by group so everyone stays in sync.

Flexible Course Management

Create courses with lessons, topics, quizzes and credit thresholds.  Enforce a linear lesson progression and annual course compliance or allow open access. Set course prerequisites, drip content by time interval or date or expire course access automatically.

Award Certificates and Badges

Automatically award certificates on course or quiz completion and credit thresholds.  Send certificates to users via email.

Award badges based on activity in courses, quiz scores, participation in discussion forums, and many other action triggers.

Tin Can (xAPI) and SCORM support

Track Tin Can (xAPI) and SCORM statements from Captivate, Storyline or iSpring right within WordPress.  Require users to complete content before advancing.  Generate activity reports.

Event Management

Create and manage your webinars, seminars, classes and conferences with ease. Sell tickets, manage attendees, create recurring events, integrate with Outlook and Google Calendar and more.

Powerful Event Registration and Ticketing

Sell tickets directly from your site; no third-party websites or fees required. Email tickets directly to users.  Collect event-specific information like t-shirt size or food preferences. Export attendee information to CSV.

Event Calendars, Maps and Widgets

Display events the way you want to: show in a calendar, on a map or with photos, list events by category or date, or add them to the sidebar as a widget.

Streamlined Event Management

Organize events by categories and tags.  Save frequently-used venues and organizers so you don’t have to re-enter information for each event.


Powerful, fully-integrated e-Commerce support lets you sell courses, event tickets, downloads, and even physical goods on a one-time or recurring subscription basis.  Securely accept credit card payments, manage orders and generate reports.

Sell Courses Your Way

Sell your courses online via one-time purchase or subscription.  Automatically expire course access when subscriptions end.  Bundle courses together with other courses, events, or even physical goods.

Coupon And Registration Codes

Set up coupon codes to provide discounts for special events or promotions.  Generate codes to enable automatic registration into specific learner groups.

Securely Accept Payments

Securely process payments with PayPal or Stripe and full end-to-end encryption.  SSL certificate included!

Marketing Tools

Uncanny LP is built on WordPress, so it’s engineered from the ground up for creating robust websites.  And with our value-added marketing features, building your company’s entire web presence on Uncanny LP makes perfect business and technical sense.

Unlimited Opt-Ins

Set up global or page-specific opt-ins that help you generate leads and integrate directly with your CRM.

Deep CRM Integration

Monitor user engagement and set up intelligent actions in Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Ontraport and other CRMs when users view specific pages, complete learning activities or make purchases.

Social Sharing, SEO and More

Turn on social sharing tools to let users share pages or blog posts to their favorite social media platform.  Optimize your site for search engines using built-in page-analysis tools.

Discussion Forums

Encourage learners to build a community with general or course-specific discussion forums.  Simple moderation tools let you manage topics and users. 

User-Friendly Forum Features

Give trusted users the ability to moderate forums.  Sticky important topics to the top of a forum.  Display recent topics or replies in a handy widget.

Simple, Yet Powerful

Optimized for performance and simplified administration, our discussion forums won’t slow down your site or confuse you with complex setup or configuration options.

Protected From Spammers

Beat spammers with built-in and included Premium Akismet anti-spam support.

Hosting and Support

Robust hosting and support are critical components of every successful website.

Powerful, Reliable Hosting

Feature-rich WordPress sites demand a lot from a hosting platform.  We’ve set up an environment that delivers best-in-class performance and reliability for Uncanny LP sites.

Extensive Documentation and Training

Find screencasts and documentation covering every Uncanny LP feature in detail in our extensive training library and knowledge base.

Responsive Support

Our support team is incredibly helpful and responsive.  Just ask any of our Uncanny Owl clients.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more responsive support team anywhere.

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