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What is Uncanny LP?

Uncanny LP is an easy-to-use elearning platform powered by LearnDash and WordPress. We’ve taken everything we know about building and supporting elearning sites (and we’ve supported hundreds of custom LearnDash sites) to create a platform that removes the complexities of development, hosting, plugin selection and licensing, maintenance, testing, training and more.

How long does it take to get my site?

We will usually have your LP site ready by the end of the next business day. Once that’s done there are a few additional steps you must take before the site can be used.

What do I have to do after signing up?

We will ask you to make some DNS changes so that your domain is properly mapped to your LP site and so that emails sent by the platform aren’t flagged as spam. DNS changes can sometimes take a few hours to propagate, so it may be 2 business days until you can start using your site on your domain.

How difficult is Uncanny LP to use?

We’ve made Uncanny LP as simple as we can and we’ve optimized it to be less complex than a typical WordPress site. Having said that, there are still a lot of features and tools. You can learn the basics in about 3 hours, but to really take full advantage of your site, we recommend about a week of training and experimenting with your site. This is particularly true if you haven’t used WordPress before.

Can I only use the site for online training?

We created LP to be as flexible as possible. eLearning is certainly a focus for us and most LP users, but it also supports general marketing, ecommerce (for courses, events and other products), event management, social collaboration and much more. In fact, you don’t even need to use LP for elearning–though everything is certainly built with that function in mind.

Do you take a commission on course sales?

We are not involved in any way on sales you make on your site and setting up your payment gateways. Any funds you collect as part of ecommerce transactions are yours.

If I want to offer similar sites to different clients and audiences, can I clone my site?

Absolutely. Many of our clients have developed a model they want to reuse for different contexts and we can reproduce sites instead of creating new ones. There is no discount for having multiple LP sites, however.

Can I move my existing WordPress site to Uncanny LP?

We unfortunately can’t support sites that we didn’t build and don’t currently have the Uncanny LP framework.

Do I need my own domain name?

You should definitely have your own domain name or a subdomain that you can use for your site.

What languages are supported?

Only English-language sites are supported at this time. Several of the plugins used on your Uncanny LP site don’t fully support translation and you should expect issues if you try to use another language.

Can I import courses I’ve already created on another LearnDash site?

Posts and pages can be exported from another WordPress site and imported into Uncanny LP, but all course relationships would have to be set up again and user progress cannot be retained.

Can I install my own plugins and theme?

You cannot use your own plugins or theme with your Uncanny LP site. These restrictions are in place to prevent changes that could cause conflicts or disruptions to your site or users. We tried to design Uncanny LP in a way that provides the features most users want (and the feature set may evolve). You can add your own CSS, but FTP, plugin and theme access is otherwise blocked. This helps to ensure the security and reliability of your site.

Is the site backed up?

Daily backups are performed automatically and stored on Amazon’s S3 service. If you need a site restored or a manual backup performed, just let us know.

How can I cancel?

Just submit a support ticket and we’ll get your account and site closed for you. We aren’t able to provide refunds for prepaid service.

Do you offer refunds?

We consider refunds on a case by case basis. We always want you to be happy, so if that’s not the case, drop us a note.

What’s included?

Everything related to the platform itself is included. That covers site hosting, plugin licenses, monthly maintenance, support, training materials, Content Delivery Network, SSL, proactive security monitoring, outgoing emails and more. Everything that’s needed to deliver and support the site is provided.

What’s not included?

Anything not related to serving the WordPress site itself is not provided by Uncanny Owl. We don’t host your email, so if you need an email service you’ll need to set it up elsewhere (we like G Suite from Google). Adding content and designs to your site is something you’ll set up independently, as is setting up any third party services that we support but don’t offer directly (e.g. payment gateways, CRM, etc.). Support for technical issues with your LP site is of course included, but support in other areas is not.

How do I get support for my site?

You can submit a ticket using any of the support forms on our website, including from your account dashboard when signed in to You can also send an email to

What payment gateways can I use on Uncanny LP?

Your LP site supports PayPal and Stripe online payment gateways.

Can I use SCORM and Tin Can/xAPI modules on my site?

Support for SCORM and Tin Can/xAPI modules is made possible with our Tin Canny plugin for WordPress. To see if your modules are compatible (because not all are) be sure to check first.

Are Uncanny LP sites responsive/mobile friendly?

Definitely. The site itself is mobile friendly but you will have to be careful with the media you add to your site. Modules from external tools, like Storyline or Captivate, or anything you might add using iframes can impair the mobile experience.

How is the site hosted?

Uncanny LP sites are hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on a 2XL Compute Optimizer instance.

Is my Uncanny LP site secure?

We do our best to keep your site secure, and we’ve never had a breach on a LearnDash site (Uncanny LP or otherwise) that we support. Your Uncanny LP site has malware monitoring, bot filtering, a firewall and frequent plugin updates. There are also some account protection measures to block brute force password attempts.

Are there user or bandwidth limits on my Uncanny LP site?

We recommend Uncanny LP for sites with fewer than 7,500 users, that expect fewer than 100 simultaneous learners, that won’t send more than 25,000 transactional emails per month from WordPress and that won’t use more than about 200GB of bandwidth monthly. We can support larger sites but additional fees will apply and we’ll want to talk about your site first. Please contact us before purchase or when you start exceeding these thresholds so that we can discuss your options.

At a peak limit, we’re generally not able to support sites with more than 1,000 simultaneous learners and/or 100,000 users in the system.

Do you offer video hosting?

We do not recommend serving videos from WordPress nor do we provide any video hosting ourselves. Your Uncanny LP site natively supports videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia. We strongly recommend that you use one of those 3 services for delivering your video. As long as you do, serving videos is as simple as dropping the URL into the WordPress editor.

Do you support email?

We do not provide support for incoming emails or your own email accounts.

Outgoing transactional emails are sent by WordPress for things like new user notifications and form submissions. These are included, though we generally expect that fewer than 25,000 are sent per month.

Can I move the site?

We love open things. All of our plugins are open and we’ve built a business around transparency and portability. Your Uncanny LP site was created in a way that makes it highly portable and open, but we’ve also put some restrictions in place so that people are buying the hosted service, not the platform.

If you have had a site on Uncanny LP for at least 12 months then yes, we will provide backup files or allow you to install a plugin to move the site to another host.  Note that some platform-specific customizations, such as the streamlined Uncanny LP admin interface, will be removed prior to migration.

Don’t see your question answered here?  Contact us.

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