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About Us

Uncanny LP was created by Uncanny Owl Inc., a Toronto-based WordPress agency with 4 years of experience developing custom WordPress LMS platforms.  Over the years we’ve built, supported or contributed to thousands of WordPress elearning sites, so we know what works and what doesn’t, especially for organizations that are just starting to build their training presence. Uncanny LP is a way for us to help even more businesses leave the technical details to us and focus on what’s really important—growing and succeeding.

About Uncanny LP

Uncanny LP makes it easy to create a comprehensive website with learning capabilities. It doesn’t have the constraints of a cloud LMS or the complications of creating a WordPress site on your own. Whether your learning is self-directed or facilitated, for businesses or consumers, internal or external audiences, or integrated with complementary marketing, live event, ecommerce and social functions, Uncanny LP can support it.

Every Uncanny LP site has a strong focus on effective learning delivery. Create your own courses, lessons, assignments and quizzes. Add surveys. Drop in Articulate Storyline or Captivate modules if you have them. Include videos, downloadable files, embedded documents—if it can go in WordPress, it can go in Uncanny LP. And, of course, everything learners do gets tracked and is available in reports.

What’s different about an Uncanny LP is that it isn’t just about the training. It’s a complete ecommerce platform, where you can sell elearning courses alongside shipped products. Set up and manage live events, accepting registration, selling tickets and managing attendees, all from a single control panel.  Integrate Uncanny LP with your CRM so you can track customer behavior and send personalized marketing and communications based on actions taken by your customers.  And since it’s based on WordPress, Uncanny LP includes extremely robust website building tools—you can even point your organization’s domain to your Uncanny LP and host your complete web presence, saving thousands on setting up and managing a separate website.  Try that with a cloud LMS!

Truly Future-Proof

Since Uncanny LP is based on WordPress and open-source software, there’s no vendor lock-in, and no need to worry that the company could disappear and leave you stranded.  Should you decide to leave or should Uncanny LP ever close its doors, you could take your site and work with any competent WordPress developer to continue using your site without issue.  We’ve seen what can happen when businesses rely on a proprietary system and the system or the company behind it take a turn for the worse.  Invest in a proven, open platform and be prepared for the future.

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