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Traditional, rigid LMS solutions are on the decline and flexible, open-source solutions are on the rise.  But trying to build an open-source solution yourself or with a developer is complex, time-consuming and costly.  UncannyLP is the first solution that integrates your corporate web presence, learning management system, eCommerce system, and marketing tools into a single, easy-to-use and fully supported platform. We saw the future of learning, and we built it.


Cloud LMS

Uncanny LP

Create Unlimited Courses
Track Learner Progress
Use Your Own Domain
Quiz Learners
Generate Reports
Incorporate Gamification
Issue Certificates
Sell Courses
Host Your Entire WebsiteUse Uncanny LP as your company’s learning platform and corporate website to reduce overhead and streamline your operations
Complete Look & Feel Control
Sell Other ProductsIncluding physical products, downloadable products and more
Manage EventsLive online and offline events, including online registration/ticketing and attendee management
Export Your Data and ApplicationTake the entirety of your learning platform, including course and user data whenever and wherever you want
Marketing and SEO Tools
CRM IntegrationInfusionsoft, Active Campaign, Ontraport, Drip, AgileCRM, ConvertKit
Sell Course Subscriptions Some
Discussion Forums Some
Track Course TimeTrack how much time learners spend in each course. Some
Google Analytics support Some
xAPI (Tin Can) Support Some
SCORM Support Some


How much could you save?

Here’s what a site with 1,000 users could save annually compared to these cloud LMS products:


$13,788 per year for 1,000 users


$24,000 per year for 1,000 users

Uncanny LP

$3,500 per year for 1,000 users

In addition to the cost savings, Uncanny LP is a significantly more flexible platform on which to build a business, with no lock-in to any proprietary systems.  Visit our learning platform features page for more details.

More features, more flexibility, less cost.

That’s why businesses choose Uncanny LP.

WordPress is a fantastic Content Management System, but for a “free” platform, it sure can cost a lot in time and support to build a working elearning platform. Here are some of the typical steps we see when people build their own WordPress sites for elearning:

  •    Choose a theme and then spend days tweaking the CSS to have it do what you want.
  •    Identify the features you need and then figure out which dozens of plugins can help you get there. Buy all the commercial plugins you need, probably for around $1,000.
  •    Troubleshoot all the theme and plugin conflicts. Coordinate with plugin vendors and hope to find support forums for unsupported or abandoned plugins you’re using.
  •    Hire a WordPress developer to fix the inevitable issues and feature gaps that come from using plugins that weren’t designed to work together.
  •    Test and rework the site until you end up with something that mostly works.
  •    Find someone to build that one feature that you really need that doesn’t have a plugin and that no plugin developer will add support for.
  •    Rebuild site functionality as the continuous plugin, WordPress and theme updates keep breaking things as you build your platform.
  •    Test and switch hosts in your search to find an infrastructure that can handle more than 5 users on your site at a time and still load pages in under 3 seconds.
  •    Coordinate a maintenance plan that keeps your site safe and functional.
  •    Cross your fingers that your gaps in knowledge don’t cause the site to break, get hacked or frustrate your users.

We typically see build times for DIY site builders with some WordPress experience of about 75 hours of time over 2 to 3 months. It’s even longer if you’re new to WordPress. And in all cases, without a lot of expertise, your site will have issues you don’t know how to fix and it won’t work exactly the way you wanted it to.

DIY Cost Calculator

Use our handy calculator to see how much you could save with Uncanny LP.

Powerful features, fully supported, ready now. That’s why businesses choose Uncanny LP.

Still think a custom WordPress LMS is right for you?  We do that too.

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